This area is located in Tanzania ,Arusha city longido district - Masai land ,with temperature relatively low and hunting area is 2,304 sq. Km. The lake natron area is the ultimate destination for the hunter in pursuit of multiple species in one location.The area is rich in East African Games like lion,leopard,buffalo,oryx, grant, Lesser Kudu,Greater Kudu ,klispringer,Generuk,genet,gazzelle,baboon,zebra,eland,Duiker, Kirk Dik-Dik,Bushbuck,birds like,dove,ostrich,ducks,guinea fowls ,pigeon and many more species,it is perfect for quality game hunting . The hunters stay at the camp and all of our camps are well equipped,comfortable to provide luxurious feeelings to our hunters.each tent is having its own toilet with bathroom and hot water boilers,comfortable beds,charging points for mobile phones and cameras.