Customer information security policy


The objective of the Information Security Policy is to ensure business continuity at Caliber7 Safaris, to minimize the risk of damage by minimizing risks, preventing security incidents and reducing their potential impact. Policy Purpose of policy; against all internal, external, intentional or accidental threats to ensure continuity of basic and supportive business activities. Caliber7 Safaris of Chairman approved the Information Security Policy. The Security Policy guarantees the following: Information will be protected against any unauthorized access; Confidentiality of information will be ensured; Information integrity will be maintained; Information access to the stored business processes will be provided; Legal and regulatory requirements, clauses in contracts with third parties (business partners, customers, suppliers) shall be monitored and covered on a regular basis; Business Continuity Plans will be developed, maintained and tested; Information Security Training will be available to all employees; All actual or suspected information security violations will be reported to the Information Security Manager and will be investigated. Procedures have been developed to support policy (protection against viruses, encryption and continuity plans, etc.). To ensure the availability of information and systems for business requirements. The Information Security Manager is responsible for providing support and advice during policy implementation and implementation. All managers are directly responsible for the implementation of the policy and understanding by the staff in the relevant departments. Compliance with the Information Security Policy is a compulsory document for anyone working or working with Caliber7 Ssafaris. With the ISO / IEC 27001 process, which is the only internationally auditable standard defining the requirements of the Information Security Management System, we aim to ensure business continuity, minimize loss in unavoidable disasters, and protect the integrity, accessibility and integrity of our customers' resources in all circumstances. For this purpose, we carry out our business processes by keeping information security at the highest level with new methods which are in compliance with the requirements of ISO / IEC 27001. ISAE 3402 (International Standard on Assurance Engagement) We have been audited under international standards since 2014 to be able to demonstrate to our customers that we are meeting their expectations with the Physical Security audit process and to assure interested parties of our processes and controls. Through these inspections, we constantly develop and renew ourselves and provide our customers with services such as data confidentiality, business continuity, performance and capacity management and service management. ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System is a process that requires institutions to prepare the environment necessary for customer satisfaction. As Caliber7 Safaris, we are continuing our work with this process aiming to provide a service beyond the expectations of our customers.