Wild Boar Hunt in Turkey

Anatolian Wild Boar
Stalking by Moonlight/ High Seat:

The most widespread and successful hunting is night hunting when the moon is half. Carried our by walking the boars against the wind in areas of green vegetation between April and May and in harvested wheat and barley fields from June to September and using tripods for shooting, this is one of the most enjoyable types of hunting. 

For those who like to be face to face with nature, the upper regions of the rich hunting grounds to face with nature, the upper regions of the rich hunting grounds of the Black Sea and the Medirerranean open their welcoming arms.

The tradition of wild boar hunting in Asia and Europe goes back 2500 years into the past. In particular, beating, which is very widespread nowadays, has been similary widesperead in Anatolia from the earliest times. The boars have weight between 90 and 220 Kg. and an avarage tusk length of 19cm to 27cm.  Occasionally boars are encountered of 220 Kg in weight with 29cm tusk. 
 They are to be found in the predominantly maquis and red pine vegetation of the Mediterranean and its dense forests 900 mt. and 1900 mt. Wild boars are to be found in large numbers all over Turkey. They are especially plentiful in the Southern, Central and Northern Anatolian Mountains. In particular, the Western and Cenral Black Sea Region where there is high rainfall and plenty of vegetation posseses very productive hunting grounds.

Anatolian Wildboar Driven Hunt
Driven wild boar hunt organization options and fees are given below along with written information about both driven and stalking wild boar hunts in Turkey with very good experienced team.   
There are 2 different driven hunting organization types. A minimum of 10 hunters is required for driven hunt. 
Available Options:
First option ; 4 days wild boar-driven-hunt  with fullboard accommodation.
 Needed duration:  6 days. (includes 2 days for transportation).
Second option; 5 days wild boar-driven-hunt  with fullboard  accommodation 
Needed duration:  7 days. (includes 2 days for transportation). 
Official Dates are between 01 September 2018 and 20 February 2019. Suggested periods  are September-October-November- Early December  for driven wild boar hunt in Turkey. Depending  on the hunting terrain and weather conditions we drive 3-4 times a day.
Hunters can hunt unlimitedly and all hunted wildboars are included in the chosen price.  We mostly  expect  30-40 wildboars during the driven hunt with 15-20 local drivers and 15-20 special hounds. wild boar driven hunt areas are mountainous with pine, oak trees and bushes.

  • We can also organize stalking night hunt during the driven hunt on hunters request.  

Includes : Hunting organization 4 or 5 days, Hunting permit/gun permit, local area guiding, customs/gun clearance, transfer from/to airport to the hunting area, hotel in hunting area, meals during hunts, all driven wildboar trophies are included. 
Excludes ; Hotel bookings before/after hunting, hotel personal extras, insurance,visa fees, tips, sightseeing tours, observer, Alc.Drinks, cancellation fee. Tusk preparation 
Sample Hunting itinerary (5 days) /Antalya – Elmalı hunting area. 

  • Day 1     Arrival at the Istanbul-Antalya int. airports. Gun/customs clear. Transportation  to the  
  •               hunting area. Approximately 2 hours to the hotel. Overnight at the Hotel   
  • Day 2     Rifle test shot. Wild boar driven hunt
  • Day 3     Wild boar driven hunt
  • Day 4     Wild boar driven hunt
  • Day 5     Wild boar driven hunt
  • Day 6     Wild boar driven hunt.    
  • Day 7    Arrival to the  international airport. Gun/customs clear.